【新唐人北京时间2018年04月03日讯】【世事关心】 (464)进来朝鲜峰会只是在朝鲜、韩国和美国之间进行,峰会基本上把中国和日本这两个东亚国家排除在外,然而近况发生了变化,金正恩秘密会见了中国主席习近平。中国和朝鲜两个国家的领导人,从不掩饰自己不喜欢对方。那么所以他们现在之间的关系互动如何呢?为何金赶在与韩国和美国会谈之前紧急会见北京呢?


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un secretly traveled to China early last week.What was the purpose of his trip?


“immediately end China’s sanctions or most of them;pay urgent tribute to North Korea.”


Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un have had acold relationship ever since they came to power.What is the dynamic between these two leaders?


“Driven by common interests,they let go of their unpleasant past and shook hands once more.”


The US-China trade war has begun.Who will win in the economic pain game?

章家敦先生(Gordon Chang/The Daily Beast Columnist):“几乎所有的大牌都握在我们手里。过去美国唯一缺乏的就是政治意志。川普总统想必已经有了那样的政治意志。”

“We’re holding almost all the high cards.The only thing the U.S.has not had in the past is political will.President Trump might actually have that political will.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):欢迎收看《世事关心》,我是萧茗。近来,美朝峰会只是在朝鲜、韩国和美国之间进行。峰会基本上把日本和中国这两个东亚国家排除在外。然而,最近情况发生了变化,金正恩秘密会见了中国主席习近平。中国和朝鲜两个国家的领导人之前从不掩饰自己不喜欢对方。那麽他们现在之间的关系互动如何呢?为何金赶在与韩国和美国会谈之前紧急会见北京呢?一些评论认为,这是警告美国、韩国,他们无法掌控中国与朝鲜之间的盟友关系。虽然川普总统获悉习金北京会面后发推文表示乐观,但是他心里的真实想法是什么呢?如果中美贸易战能起到作用的话,究竟能起到什么样的作用呢?在这场中美经济消耗战中,谁更能坚持呢?我们将在本期《世事关心》节目中深入探讨这些问题。

Welcome to《Zooming In》.I’m Simone Gao.Up until recently,talks of the US-Korean summit have only been between North Korea,South Korea,and the United States.It has largely left out Japan and China.That is,until last week when Kim Jong Un made asecret trip to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.The two leaders have never concealed their dislike for each other,so what is their relationship dynamic now?Why the urgent trip to Beijing before Kim’s official talks with South Korea and the U.S.?Some say it’s awarning to the U.S.and South Korea that they have no control over China’s alliance with North Korea.Although President Trump tweeted optimistically when he heard about the Beijing meeting,what was really on his mind,and what role does the US-China trade war have in all of this,if any?And who will win the economic Pain game between the US and China?We’ll explore these questions and more in this episode of《Zooming In》.


On the night of March 26,a lengthy motorcade was seen heading down Chang’an Avenue from the Great Hall of the People where Chinese officials have legislative and ceremonial activities.Escorted by heavy security,this motorcade followed amysterious train ride that passed Dandong,the North Korea and China border aday before.It sparked wide speculation early last week that this mysterious traveler was none other than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un–and they were right.It wasn’t until after Kim had returned on the same armored train that China and North Korea confirmed his 3-day trip Wednesday morning.It was his first foreign trip as the leader of North Korea.The extreme secrecy and security surrounding it is afamily tradition:Both Kim’s father and grandfather traveled in similar trains and only announced their China visits after they had returned to North Korea.


China briefed the White House on Kim’s visit last Tuesday,which included apersonal message from Xi Jinping to President Trump.Xi said the visit went“very well,”and that Kim Jong Un looks forward to meeting with President Trump in the coming weeks.China also said that Kim is willing to discuss disarmament talks with the U.S.Although President Trump agreed to meet with the North Korean leader back on March 9th,this was the first time Kim mentioned it.


President Trump sounded optimistic about US-North Korea talks after Kim’s China trip,but tweeted,“In the meantime,and unfortunately,maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost!”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):早些时候我与时政评论家陈破空先生,就金正恩访华一事进行了讨论。

Earlier,I spoke with senior political commentator and NTD TV contributor Chen Pokong about Kim’s surprise visit to China.Let’s take alisten.

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“有人说,金正恩访问中国是习近平对川普贸易战的报复,您同意这个观点吗?另外,习近平他想从这次金正恩的访问获得什么呢?”

“Some say Kim’s visit is Xi Jinping’s revenge on Trump’s trade war.Do you agree?And what did Xi expect to harvest from this visit?”


“Well,Kim’s sudden move made the Xi-Kim summit possible.Of course,for Xi and China,one of their motives was to get revenge on the US.The US trade war is aresponse to China’s long-term disobedience of trade rules.Since it has few trade cards to rely on,the CCP has to fight back on other issues.As China’s state media put it,it will affect American interests on the issues of North Korea and the South China Sea,swearing to let the U.S.feel the“pain.”Another point.Considering the reinforced US-Taiwan ties after the approval of the Taiwan Travel Act,basically,the CCP deems North Korea as acard to counteract the U.S.So,behind this sudden,hasty visit was this:significant or subversive changes have taken place in Sino-US relations.A huge background.Back to what Xi obtained,he was in fact fighting the clock to realize asenior summit with Kim before he visits South Korea in April and the US in May.China wants to show it has seized the initiative,never getting marginalized.In fact,the May Trump-Kim summit took China back!It took immediate action to squeeze itself into later events.So,this visit is to warn the U.S.and South Korea:China is still vital;and the old China–North Korea alliance can be resumed at any time.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“从金正恩的角度来说,他想从这次会面获得什么呢?”

“For Kim,what did he want to get from this meeting?”


“For him,two things.First,he is mad to kick his top concern.He can’t get aid from South Korea until he has talks with its president in April.And he is unsure about U.S.aid after he meets Trump in May.But Kim is facing afull-scale,US-led UN sanctions.Despite stealthy support from the CCP,e.g.sea trade through ship-to-ship contact,Kim is under tremendous sanctions pressure:both air and land passages are cut off;even limited sea passages are blocked or checked by the U.S.,Japan and South Korea.So his economy is staggering;such pressure gives Kim an unprecedented sense of crisis.Therefore,his top concern is to gain aid.So,both he and Xi have mutual need for this visit.When Xi needed him,Kim gave his quotes:immediately end China’s sanctions or most of them;pay urgent tribute to North Korea because 90%of its grain and oil depend on China.This he needs urgently;at least about 20 of his empty,green carriages should be fully loaded with aid on the way home.Second,his bigger demands.Kim used to play the nuclear weapons and missiles card.He used conflicts between powers,fooling them as he likes—none would resort to force.Now he turns to the card of peace!With it he deals with South Korea’s new,pacifist President;and he gained asummit chance.Likewise,he succeeded with Trump.Then China,abruptly turning its policy,also agreed to asummit with him.So,why not accept the invitation?Strategically,Kim’s been asuccess,kind of the biggest winner.Eastward,he won afavor from the US;westward,he did so from China.And with South Korea as asupport.Kim’s strategy is negotiating with the US with China behind him,and negotiating with China with the US behind him.Well done!And seemingly aBIG winner.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“嗯,大家现在最关心的是,他折腾了这么一大圈,最后真的会执行半岛无核化吗?”

“Will Kim Jong-un actually denuclearize North Korea after such fanfares?”


“I think it’s very unlikely.Based on the track record of the three generations of Kims,especially Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un,the so-called denuclearization is nothing but ascheme.They created the nuclear crisis in order to use it as abargaining chip for foreign aid.Internally,they oppress and impoverish the people;Externally they threaten international peace.They wrecked DPRK’s economy and created adisaster,but they want other countries to foot the bills.Their plan is to build nuclear weapons,threaten South Korea,Japan,and eventually the US and international peace;force them to the negotiation table for ransom to save the Kim dynasty from atotal collapse.Because Kim’s ultimate goal is to strengthen his regime,there’s no way for him to truly give up the bargaining power that only nuclear weapons possess.Moreover,Kim Jong-un had repeatedly stated that DPRK had irreversibly become anuclear-armed state.It’d also been added to their constitution and party doctrines that would never be rescinded.Kim is unwilling to put denuclearization on the table when negotiating with South Korea.The United States,however,would never come to the table without DPRK’s agreement to acomplete denuclearization and disarmament.China has been playing along with Kim.It was done publicly in the past,but now they do it behind the curtain.China doesn’t care whether DPRK is anuclear power or not.As amatter of fact,many of North Korea’s nuclear facilities could not be built without China.It’s South Korea,Japan and the US that are most concerned about this issue.Kim knows it and has been playing the card against them.I’m not sure how high his price tag would be for denuclearization,but I’m sure he has no intention to follow through.He promised something that he would never deliver.Kim said that it depends on the"goodwill"of the US and South Korea.The judgment of"goodwill,"however,is totally up to him.If tens of millions of dollars were to be given to him as atoken of"goodwill,"he may turn around and say that’s far from enough.He may claim that only 10 billion dollars can be counted as goodwill.Just like what Kim Jong-il had done to South Korea last time.South Korea’s goodwill-the industrial park,tourism,and monetary assistance were not enough.Kim Jong-il never stopped developing his nuclear warheads and ICBMs.We shouldn’t be gullible and get tricked by the communist totalitarian regime once again.I believe atrue denuclearization is beyond the reach at this moment.”


Coming up,what is the dynamic between Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un,and how does President Trump feel about the summit.Stay tuned.


The visit marked achange in Chinese-North Korean relations,which have been tense since Kim Jong Un came to power in 2011.Kim executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek in 2013 for supposedly selling out North Korea to Chinese interests.Jang Song Thaek was backed by Xi Jinping.Kim’s half-brother,Kim Jong Nam,the China-picked replacement for Kim Jong Un in case of acoup that could remove Kim Jong Un,was also assassinated in 2017 in Indonesia while under Chinese protection.


Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping have had acold relationship ever since they became leaders of their respective countries.They have never visited each other,and Xi’s special envoy Song Tao(宋涛)was not even able to meet with Kim Jong Un when he visited North Korea in November,2017,while his predecessor Li Jianguo李建国was not only able to meet with Kim Jong Un in 2012,but also made it to the top news on North Korea’s Central Television.Li’s visit was before Xi became the president of China.


However,that dynamic seems to have changed suddenly.When Kim Jong Un arrived in Beijing on March 26th,he was greeted with agrand ceremony at the Great Hall of the People and astate banquet,complete with an art performance and luncheon.Neither Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong II,or his grandfather Kim Il Sung ever received such awelcoming.


What does the recent thaw in relationship between North Korea and China mean?How does America look at it?Let’s hear from Chen Pokong again.

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“习近平上任之后,金正恩从来没有访问过中国,他和习近平的关系也一直很冷淡,但是恰恰在这个敏感时候金正恩访问中国,而且习近平高规格接待了他,您觉得这说明了习近平和金正恩的关系现在是处于一个什么样的状态呢?”

“Kim Jong-un had never visited China.He had never developed any personal relationship with Xi Jinping.However,he was well received by Xi during this crucial trip.What would you say about the current relationship between Xi and Kim?”


“Kim took power in North Korea in Dec.2011;Xi did it in China ayear later in Nov.2012.They had no need to hide their dislike of each other.Xi tried to change China’s past policies on North Korea.Kim had been snubbed by Xi countless times.Kim is resentful toward Xi because Xi failed to recognize him as the supreme leader of DPRK,instead Xi had asecret plan of replacing Kim with his half brother.There had been few agreements between the two communist leaders.Neither had there been any official high-level exchanges.I can confidently say that there’s no rapport between them.However,the relationship between CCP(Chinese Communist Party)and WPK(Workers’Party of Korea)is extremely complicated.They’ve been sharing an ideology that appear to be the same but is actually non-existing.They badly need each other,however,to resist and undermine the influence of the US.The alliance between the two totalitarian regimes has always been there.The strength of the ties,however,fluctuates from time to time.There’s anew challenge for the alliance presented by the Trump administration.Beijing has been squeezed by the threat of atrade war and the newly signed Taiwan Travel Act.It has no option but to pick up the North Korean card once again.In the meantime,Kim also needs Beijing to bargain for abetter deal.Driven by common interests,they let go of their unpleasant past and shook hands once more.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“再说一下川普这方面的反应。川普总统一方面表示乐见金正恩和习近平会晤,但是另一方面表示对朝鲜的最大限度的贸易制裁不能放松,那您觉得川普他对这次的金习会真实的想法是什么?”

“President Trump seemed to be optimistic about the meeting between Xi and Kim.However,he insisted that the toughest sanctions against North Korea should stay.What does he really think about this meeting?”


“I believe the Trump administration was surprised by the unannounced Xi-Kim summit.China only made it public after the fact,most likely per Kim’s request.After Kim left for Pyongyang,Xi sent the US anotification to keep the communication channels open between China and the US.Attached in the notification is aletter to Mr.Trump penned by Xi.The personal letter,however,delivers two messages between the lines.On one hand,the Sino-U.S.relationship is important to me(Xi).You’ve(Trump)never been treated as an outsider.I’m willing to collaborate with you to dissolve the nuclear crisis in North Korea.On the other hand,it’s clear that the China-North Korea alliance cannot be swayed by the US.So it can also be asignal of warning to the US.Trump’s tweet,in my opinion,is just acourtesy response.I don’t think Trump has any rosy ideas about the CCP and North Korea.Unlike Clinton and Obama,Trump is not ascholarly president,he remains arealistic businessman to the core.What he wants are actions instead of negotiations.Last year,when he was talking to Xi,he laid out a100-day plan.When there was no meaningful result from the talks,he put in place the tariffs and initiated the trade war.Trump is unlike any of his predecessors.When Kim asked for ameeting,he agreed unexpectedly against conventional wisdom.However,if trickster Kim intends to play anuclear trick for foreign aid,Trump would shut the doors.That’s why Trump put Pompeo,Haspel and Bolton into key positions.The hawks are released to deal not only with North Korea,but also China.Trump is crystal-clear about the implications of the Xi-Kim handshake.The events are set up in the grand picture of the fluid and changing Sino-US relationship,which is hanging by athread.Under such circumstances,when the United States plays the Taiwan card,the CCP would surely respond by playing the North Korean card.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):相似问题,我们再来听一下《每周野兽》的专栏作家《核武摊牌:朝鲜对抗世界》的作者章家敦先生的看法。

For similar questions,let’s hear from The Daily Beast columnist Gordon Chang,who is the author of Nuclear Showdown:North Korea Takes On the World.

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“川普总统对金正恩和习近平会面的真实想法是什么?”

“How does president Trump really feel about Kim Jong-un’s meeting with Xi Jinping?”

章家敦先生(Gordon Chang/The Daily Beast Columnist):“作为第一步,川普需要继续保持对朝鲜的制裁,我们必须这么做。如果朝鲜有意与我们对话,也只是希望拿掉制裁。现在,美国总统称金正恩与中国对话是件好事,但是从我们的角度看,当然不是如此。正如我们从2003年的六方会谈中看到的,中国利用在会谈中的中立位置,实质是在帮朝鲜,而不是帮我们,他们基本上起到的就是一个恶劣的影响。所以我认为,川普同意直接与金正恩对话是一个英明决策,因为这样就可以把中国甩开了,现在中国想再次插进来。而我认为美国总统在与朝鲜会谈的时候,应该让中国人滚得越远越好,因为在这方面中国是不会帮我们的。”

“Well,as an initial matter,Trump is going to keep the sanctions on North Korea,which we absolutely have to do.If there’s any reason why the North Koreans want to talk to us,it’s to get sanctions released.Now,the President of the United States may say it’s agood thing for Kim Jong Un to talk to the Chinese,but from our perspective,it’s certainly not.As we saw during the six-party talks that started in 2003,China used its central position in those discussions really to help the North Koreans more than to help us.They were generally amalign influence.So Ithought it was brilliant for Trump to agree to talk to Kim Jong Un directly because that cut out the Chinese.The Chinese are trying to reinsert themselves in the process,and Ithink that the President of the United States should try to keep the Chinese as far away as possible from his discussions with North Korea because China is not going to be helping us in this regard.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):您认为朝鲜真的会实现无核化吗?

“Do you think North Korea will really denuclearize?”

章家敦先生(Gordon Chang/The Daily Beast Columnist):“金正恩最最不愿意做的事情就是放弃核武。但这已经不是金正恩自己的问题了,这已经是川普的问题了。因为川普有能力在不动武的情况下迫使他放弃核武。所以我们就可以制裁那些帮朝鲜洗钱的中国银行。我们还可以对朝鲜贸易进一步加以限制。我们有很多种方案,只是我们是否有这样的政治意志去实施。所以叫我看来,金正恩是否放弃他的核武不是他自己说了算的,是川普说了算的。”

“Kim Jong Un–the last thing he wants to do is give up his weapons.But this is not aKim Jong Un issue.This is aDonald Trump issue.Because Trump has the ability to force him to give up his weapons even without using force.So we can put sanctions on Chinese banks that have been laundering money for the North Koreans.We can be putting even tighter restrictions on North Korean trade.All sorts of things are in our toolbox.It’s just aquestion whether we have the political will to use them.So whether Kim Jong Un gives up his nukes is not aKim question in my mind.It’s aTrump question.”


Coming up,Between U.S.and China,who will win in the economic pain game?Stay tuned


A trade war has begun.President Trump issued an order to levy tariffs on$50-to$60 billion dollars’worth of Chinese goods in the areas of aerospace,information and communication technology,and machinery.In response,China identified alist of 128 goods,targeting$3 billion dollars’worth of U.S.products for retaliation.


On March 21,Robert Lighthizer,the US Trade Representative,explained in his testimony before Congress how he used two criteria in selecting goods.He explained that they developed an algorithm that imposes maximum economic pain on China with aminimum impact to U.S.consumers.The second criteria used was China’s own“Made in China 2025,”a comprehensive initiative to upgrade Chinese industry.


Narration:On the other hand,China’s$3 billion-dollar target focused on alist of 128 products.The top of the list includes wine,fruits and nuts,steel pipes,modified ethanol,and ginseng.

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):双方似乎都愿意谈判解决,但同时也都声称并不惧怕打一场贸易战。如果双输的结局无法避免,那麽哪一方能坚持更久,哪一方会败下阵来呢?而且,最终又是谁为贸易战买单?我采访到经济专家Gordon Chang,让我们来听听他的意见。

Both sides seem to be open for negotiation but have also claimed that they are not afraid of atrade war.If alose-lose situation becomes unavoidable,who will be able to endure,and who will back down?And ultimately,who will end up paying the price?I asked Gordon Chang what he thinks will happen.

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“中国和美国现在看来各自立场都很坚定。如果贸易战带来双输的局面,您认为哪个国家有能力忍受更长时间的痛苦?”

“Both China and the US are taking firm positions right now.If atrade war brings alose-lose situation,which country,in your opinion,can endure the pain longer?”

章家敦先生(Gordon Chang/The Daily Beast Columnist):“很多人认为中国方面更能打持久战,因为中国是一个专制社会。中国领导人可以做出调整。是的,他们当然可以调整。但是,我们别忘了,中国的经济很脆弱。中共的合法性依赖于他们能给人民带来持续的经济繁荣。从我们的角度来看,别忘了在2016年的时候,中国商品贸易顺差总额的68.0%来自于出口美国。这说明中国经济对美国市场的依赖程度是令人吃惊的。而去年,同比上升到88.8%。因此,商品贸易为逆差的国家对贸易战确实不太担心。而像中国这样贸易为顺差的国家则必定担心。另外,不仅如此,还有其它方面值得考量。我们的经济是稳定的。而中国的经济是脆弱的,正朝着债务危机的方向发展。此外,美国的经济总量比中国大得多。我们的GDP超过19万亿美元。中国也就12万亿多一点吧,假如你相信他们带水分的数字的话。这世界总是大经济体说了算,小经济体靠边站。几乎所有的大牌都握在我们手里。过去美国唯一缺乏的就是政治意志。川普总统想必已经有了这个政治意志。所以贸易战一定是我们赢。”

“Many people say China will endure the pain longer because they say it’s an authoritarian society.Chinese leaders can make adjustments.Well,yeah,they can make adjustments.But let’s remember that it’s fragile,that they have based their legitimacy on the continual delivery of prosperity.From our side,we’ve got to remember that in 2016,68.0 percent of China’s overall merchandise trade surplus related to sales to the United States.That’s an incredible dependency on the U.S.market.And last year that number went up to 88.8 percent.And so trade-deficit countries don’t really worry too much about trade wars.Trade-surplus countries like China certainly need to.And we’ve got,remember,some other things.We have astable economy.China has afragile one,heading into adebt crisis.And our economy is much larger than China’s.Our economy is over$19 trillion dollars GDP.Theirs is somewhat over 12 if you believe their inflated numbers.Big economies push small economies around.We’re holding almost all the high cards.The only thing the U.S.has not had in the past is political will.President Trump might actually have that political will.So we should win the trade war.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):“您认为,公平贸易最终谁会受益?有人认为,公平贸易也会令中国消费者受益,因为美国的产品可能更便宜。您同意吗?”

“Who do you think will end up benefiting from fair trade?Some argue that fairer trade would also help Chinese consumers since US products may become cheaper.Do you agree?”

章家敦先生(Gordon Chang/The Daily Beast Columnist):“当然。一个更开放的经济,意味着中国的产品会更便宜。这一点毫无疑问。不过,我倒认为,对美国来说,真正的关键是,如果我们与中国开打贸易战,美国的物价不会涨。因为,首先很多商品中国的生产成本并不低。现在生产成本低的是孟加拉国、约旦、墨西哥、瓜地马拉这些国家。现在我们就从这些地方购买服装和低价物品。所以,如果我们不从中国买,或者中国的产品价格贵了,那麽孟加拉国、越南、瓜地马拉和约旦这些国家,就给我们提供和今天一样廉价的商品。美国很多农民害怕中国。他们说,你看现在好了吧,中国不买我们的大豆了。我认为美国种大豆的农民大可不必过虑。因为假如中国真这么干,比如他们从巴西买了大豆。那就意味着巴西就没有大豆场卖给它的老客户了。这意味着美国的大豆生产商可以把大豆卖给巴西的客户,因为世界上只有这么多的大豆。同样道理,波音也是如此。很多人都在议论,说一打贸易战中国不购买波音的飞机了。假如空客填补了来自中国的订单,那麽,他自己原来的客户是不会耐著性子再多等几年的。这些客户就会从波音买飞机。所以你会看到,波音和空客的客户就会这样变来变去。所以,我认为,对于中国人我们大不可必过虑。让他们吹胡子瞪眼睛去吧,但是,你只要看一看全球市场是怎么运作的,你就会明白,噢,原来我们安然无恙。”

“Well,certainly.A more open economy means that products in China become cheaper.No question about that.I think the real issue here,though,is,for the U.S.,it isn’t going to be any more expensive products if we have atrade war with China because,first of all,China is not the low-cost producer of many goods.Countries like Bangladesh,Jordan,Mexico,Guatemala are.And that’s where we’re buying our clothes and low-cost items right now.So if we don’t buy them from China,or if Chinese products are more expensive,then–Bangladesh,Vietnam,Guatemala,Jordan–these countries are going to be the ones supplying us products that are as cheap as the ones we’re buying right now.Many American farmers are worried about China.They say,well,you know,China might not buy soybeans from us.I don’t think American soybean farmers have to worry too much.Because if China were to do that,they’d be buying soybeans from,let’s say,Brazil.That means Brazil wouldn’t be selling to its traditional customers,which means American soybean producers would be selling to Brazil’s customers.Because there are only so many soybeans in the world.And the same general principle applies to Boeing.Because alot of people talk about China not buying Boeing aircraft because of the trade war.Well,customers of Airbus are not going to wait years longer for deliveries because Airbus fills China orders.They’re going to be buying products from Boeing.So you’re going to see the customer mix of Boeing and Airbus change.So Idon’t think we have to worry too much about the Chinese.They can huff and puff,but when you look at the way the global markets operate,we’ll be okay.”

萧茗(Host/Simone Gao):美中贸易战或许不会像许多人想像的那样严重影响美国或美国农民的利益。但是,由于中国对美国市场存在更大的依赖度,所以中国会感受到由此带来的痛苦。金正恩的秘访中国表明国际社会对朝鲜的制裁正在生效,金正恩急需修复与习近平的关系纽带。但即将举行的弃核谈判可能只是为了挣脱制裁和获得更多物资援助的诡计。《世事关心》将持续为您关注这一事件和美中贸易战。感谢您的收看,我们下周再见。

So the US-China trade war might not affect the U.S.or its farmers as much as many have anticipated,but China will feel the pain because of its greater dependency on U.S.markets.Kim’s secret China trip shows that sanctions against North Korea are working and he needs to repair ties with Xi Jinping.But the upcoming talks of disarmament might just be aruse to release sanctions and get more foreign aid.Zooming In will keep an eye on these developments.Thanks for watching and see you next time.



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