Amid the booming smart speaker markets, local makers won the HomeKit product certificate

【新唐人2018年06月05日讯】The smart speaker applications are trending toward voice control for more and more household chores while enabling users for more remote control via smartphones. Addressing security and privacy, Apple is launching a smart home platform, HomeKit, to promote peripheral business opportunities. Anticipating future requirements, local makers acquired Apple MFi manufacturer and won the Homekit certification by Apple to develop relevant applications and get ready to accept the coming of new trends.

Reporter Jin-Jin Li: “Hey SIRI go home. Say what you want and conditions in your home change accordingly. Fine adjustments can be made by APP on your smartphone like changing light brightness and powering on / off the fan in front of you by moving your fingers."

Sam Hsiao, COO of high tech firm: “Regarding smart household devices, they must be easy to operate and interact with our daily life, including what we eat, wear, reside and transport as well as entertain. It may also increase demands and opportunities for residential interior decorators.

Addressing smart household requirements in the future, the leading connector components manufacturers in Taiwan is stepping into the electronic product markets. With branches focused on Apple peripherals R&D, it acquired the Apple MFi manufacturer and won the Homekit certification by Apple. It is capable of executing the entire process from development and design to production and manufacturing (including ODM and OEM). The self-branded smart lightings and sockets may connect to the Apple HomeKit and Homepod for an even more convenient daily life.

Sam Hsiao, COO of high tech firm: “It’s very likely that family members of consumers are also Android or Google phone users instead of iPhone. What we are doing now is offering a cross-platform system that is compatible with Android, Google or iPhone, or even Amazon’s smart speaker in the future.

The trend is clear that the smart speaker will be your butler in the future. By 2022 the global market size of smart speakers is estimated to hit USD9.5 billion. This company is expected to complete its cross-platform system in the second half of the year. The R&D also targets to get its WiFi module and relevant products certified by Apple.

Sam Hsiao, COO of high tech firm: “Regarding finished goods, we are planning to launch 2-4 models each year including R&D and production. We are looking forward to partnering with the leading appliance makers."

The English version of the HomePod by Apple is expected to open for a pre-order in February while the Chinese version is poised to raise another wave of hot selling by domestic manufacturers who are all gearing up to respond to the soaring demands.

Interviewing and writing/Jin-Jin Li
Post-production/ Chienlun Kao

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